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  • Designed by a Ski/Snowboard Instructor and Personal Trainer
    Back in 2012  when Matt started SnowFIT he wanted to give the best service and advice possible to his clients. In order to do this he got his Level 1 Ski/Snowboard instructor certification and applied his knowledge of being a Personal Trainer since 2008. Matt uses these skills to be able to identify the muscles that are not been used when Skiing and Snowboarding and develops a workout programme to help fix the issue.

  • Increase your slope time
    Do you remember that beautiful, bluebird day where you just wanted to ski but had to take breaks? SnowFIT will increase your Ski Fitness and your Snowboard Fitness so you can maximise your slope time. Spend more time skiing and riding and less time resting.

  • Ski and Ride harder for longer
    Do you want to ski more physically demanding terrain? Maybe you want to ski faster? How about skiing how you used to? SnowFIT will help you get stronger and fitter so you can hit those lines, beat your friends (kids) and find that youthfulness again.

  • Reduce muscle soreness
    Don't let sore muscles put a damper on your trip. SnowFIT clients get minimal leg burn and little to no muscle soreness the next day. Don't worry you will still enjoy your Après Ski. 

  • Decrease your chances of injury
    No one wants to be that person in the banana boat heading down the hill or to be the victim of the 'last run' curse. SnowFIT will help improve your balance, on snow fitness, flexibility and muscular endurance so you have a lower change of hurting yourself.

  • Make the most of those precious days on Snow

  • Available to all ages and ability levels

  • Have more fun!

Why SnowFIT: About Me
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