Blue Volume 1


The blue program is the first level of our premium memberships and should take between 45 mins to an hour to complete. The Blue program will run you through two strengthening exercises and a new circuit. This program has been designed so you can complete it where ever suits however you will require some light Dumbbells (DBs) and a medicine ball (Med Ball) to complete this workout. I would suggest men have 2x 10kg DBs and a 10kg Med Ball and women 2x 5kg weights and a 5kg Med Ball.

To gain access to the program all you need to do is click here to purchase to Blue Program

The Blue Program Volume 1 includes

  • Information on how to complete the program

  • Your success tracking sheet

  • Video and written tutorials on how to complete the exercises


This Program is intended for people who already have a moderate level of strength and fitness. I am currently in the process of adding to the SnowFIT online program. Some of the programs I am working on are: Knee Care, Core and Black Programs. Join the site today to keep informed on our progress