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Ballistics started in 92 with Snowboards and Windsurfers, but Windsurfing crapped out big time so we got into Wakeboarding. Snowboarding led to Skiing, Wakeboarding led to water-skis, then we got rid of snow skis, got into a few skateboards, got out of skateboarding, got into kites, got straight back out of kites, got back into snow skis, and finally got back into kites - here we are !!! Not very loyal but definitely on the pulse. We know what's hot and we only stock the best of the best equipment.


We want our customers to get the right stuff. The equipment they purchase must not only be technically correct but get them excited to ride. The owners are on the floor, at the coal face, the front lines and have a battle-hardened crew of long-term full time and part time staff all fully involved in the snow, wake and kite sports. Whether you want to hang out, ask us questions or come and froth out on all the newest gear, come and pay us a visit at 66 Barrys Point Road, Auckland and become a part of the Ballistics family. You can also give us a call on 09 489 4074 or email us on See you in the water or at the mountain!

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